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La Raganella in a few words.

The Group of Music and Ancient Popular Songs  from the Region Marche “La Raganella” is an association without lucrative purpose.
It was born on April 17th, 2007 from the collaboration of five young friends who had a great interest in the popular music of the Region Marche.
In a short time the group became big and now it is formed by fourteen young members. From the artistic point of view, “La Raganella” is an amateur band, but it is improving fast: the members practise every week and they join several specialized courses in order to improve the knowledge of their instruments.
Teacher Pierdicchi, expert at playing the accordion, is a benchmark for the whole group and he always gives important suggestions.
The instruments that characterize this group are: several types of accordion, guitars, several percussions, several drums, a triangle and others like the “Raganella”, the instrument where the name of the group comes from.
The aim of this association is to rediscover the ancient traditions of our territory by reinterpreting the traditional repertory.
In addition to this, they also have their own songs written by the group, for instance “La Pimpinella”: with this song, that inspired the first cd of the group( “Ce piace muntubè…la Pimpinè” in 2009), they shot a video. The second cd is called  “Gente allegra, Dio li ‘iuda” (2012), more professional than the first one, but always containing the joyful atmosphere which characterize the group.
La Raganella” gained wide public support: they played in several concerts and private parties, festivals and other occasions, most of them in the Region Marche. They also joined several national Festivals: for example they went to San Remo in occasion of the “Festival della Canzone Italiana” or they went to San Possidonio, a little city in the province of Modena that was damaged by the earthquake. In 2011 they went to Calabria, where they won the second prize in the “Festival Nazionale delle Musiche Popolari”. They also played beyond the Italian borders: they went to Czech Republic, France and Spain.
The most important event organized by the association is the festival called “Organetti in festa”: it takes place during the summer, in Belvedere. Several folkloric groups come from the different provinces of our region and they perform, playing and singing their songs. Every year more and more people join the festival. The aim of this association is to look for ancient music and popular songs: our ancestors owned this important heritage and if we don’t want it to disappear, we have to pass it down from generation to generation.

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